weekly thought


Thought for the week – from the Rev.David Jones


The last time the country went to the polls in a general election was in December was in 1923 when Conservative Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin went to the ballot box to strengthen his grip on his party leadership. Not the thing to do! The Conservatives did win the most seats, but Labour,led by Ramsay MacDonald, and H. H. Asquith ‘s reunited Liberal Party gained enough seats to produce a hung parliament. I wonder if what happened then is hovering over the present Prime Minister as we know that history sometimes has the habit of repeating itself!

The political parties are by now are well into campaigning. Door knocking, leafleting, social media, billboard and bus advertising are now in full swing as all candidates seek to get their arguments across to an electorate that despite the opinion polls may well yet spring some surprises come polling day. Someone said recently that the ‘silly’ season is upon us. Who knows that after all the campaigning we may well be back to where Mr. Baldwin found himself way 1923 with nothing gained and great deal lost – now that would be a turn up for the books!

If we are in that ‘silly’ season another time begins this Sunday which rather than confusion and uncertainly brings us to the very heart of God’s love.Its central message is one of hope and light dispelling darkness and uncertainty. Of the birth of a baby long promised who would bring us a way of life where love, compassion and going the extra mile for others.Leading us, not to a polling booth but rather a lowly stable where the light of love was born and God fulfilled all his promises of peace and goodwill.

This Advent we are reminded again of God entering the world in loneliness and poverty to identify with us in our loneliness and need.If times are tough then this is the message we need to hear. God is not remote and far removed from our sufferings and sorrows. The political world may be in turmoil and we all have our own anxieties and concerns.

The promises of Advent are grounded in the integrity and promises of God and are of divine and not human origin.Leading us from a lowly stable to a cross of suffering and a day of resurrection and a kingdom manifesto of goodwill to all. – Jesus, yesterday, today and forever the same!



Rev.David Jones