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Thought for the week – from the Rev.David Jones


I was an avid Dr Who fan from the time he first appeared until I thought he wasn’t for me anymore. However, over the years I’ve looked in and seen the coming and goings of the various Doctors right up to Jodie Whittaker the first female doctor. Then this week I happened to catch a re- run of James Corden’s ‘Late Late Show’ where Jodie Whitaker and former Doctor David Tennant were his guests.

It struck me that David Tennant was so right when he said that just about everybody in the UK has grown up with Dr. Who and the character and programme itself must surely by now be a British institution. What better, he suggested that during this time of self-isolation than to watch re-runs of the Doctor’s adventures (especially where he is the Doctor!) When asked if there’s the possibility that he could be regenerated as the Doctor for the 60th anniversary of the show in a few years time he certainly didn’t say no!

Since Dr. Who first appeared in 1963 each portrayal of the doctor has had its own strengths and weaknesses. Those of us old enough will remember when the sets were a bit wobbly and the special effects were far from being what we expect today, but that didn’t matter because for an hour on a Saturday night we were transported to the world of the Tardis, the Cybermen and perhaps the most feared of all the dreaded Daleks who brought us to the edge of our seats with their chilling chant ‘Exterminate’ and all in glorious black and white!

I wonder if we had a time machine like the ‘Tardis’ and could quickly transport ourselves far away from our worries and concerns- would all of our problems and concerns disappear?

The realities of life will, of course, always bring us back to earth with an almighty bang!It’s then we need to know that God cares and when in our prayers we entrust ourselves to his fatherly love he can be for us our guide, help and peace. We may then not have a ‘Tardis’, or be able to ‘regenerate’ ourselves at the drop of a hat but have something of greater value and that’s the assurance that God will be with us and the promise of Jesus ‘I will be with you, even to end of all time’ gives us the greatest assurance of all. After all he is the Lord of time and space!



Rev.David Jones