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Thought for the week – from the Rev. David Jones


The terrible and tragic news that Sir David Amess had been murdered while conducting a constituency surgery has shocked the nation. A faithful MP for Leigh on Sea for over 40 years Sir David was a senior politician whose life was one of dedication to his community. Sir Keir Starmer leader of the Labour party spoke of Sir David’s outstanding service as an MP and the issues close to his heart. Sir David was one of the few Tory MPs in favour of a foxhunting ban as animal welfare was one of the passions of his life. A devout Roman Catholic, his Christian faith shone through in practical deeds of compassion and kindness in all aspects of his life and service.

The tragedy of Sir David’s death is compounded by the fact that just five years ago MP Joe Cox was killed while holding a similar face to face meeting with her constituents. At the time of Jo’s death her husband Brandon said ‘Hate doesn’t have a creed, race, or religion, it is poisonous’ That poisonous evil raised is head again and taken the life of a much-loved husband, father and faithful servant of the people. Joe Cox and David Amess, although at opposite sides of political thought encapsulated the best by their convictions and commitment to the people they served.

There is at the heart of our democracy the freedom to express political views and convictions without fear. That someone could walk into a church, a place where peace and reconciliation is proclaimed is an affront to God and the democratic values we hold dear.

It’s hard to look beyond this act of evil and to and find any sort of answer to the question ‘Why?’ Sympathy and sorrow have mingled with feelings of outrage that such evil should have taken the life of a much-loved husband, father and faithful servant of our nation. We can be sure that God will bring judgement upon those whose evil intent is to kill and destroy and bring comfort to those who suffer.

For now we mourn with those who mourn and uphold Sir David’s family and the community at Leigh and Sea who have lost their most faithful friend. May the peace of Christ be theirs…



Rev.David Jones