weekly thought

Thought for the week – from the Rev. David Jones


We’ve just returned from a week away in Bettws Y Coed (in the rain)! Despite the weather and the onset of Storm ‘Kathleen’ we all had a good time. All our family were with us and it was quite a get together!  Meg our 18-month Cocker had some new exciting experiences as well.   We enjoyed many walks in this most beautiful part of North Wales which is within the Snowdonia National Park, standing in a valley near the point where the River Llugwy and the River Lledr join the River Conwy.

The location is where a Celtic Christian community founded a monastery in the late 6th century AD. Hence the world ‘Bettws’ which indicates a place of worship and prayer. A village developed around the site over subsequent centuries. In the medieval period, the local lead mining industry brought miners and their families to the village.

There’s a Biblical truth we often overlook when it comes to taking time for rest and renewal.  The Bible tells us that God ordained a day of rest and worship for the good of all.  We often hear of the negative effects of stress, with terms like ’burn out’ and ‘workaholic’ all too familiar.   That’s why life has to have a balance which we can only be achieved by ensuring that we do not reject this God given command of rest and renewal.  We can do this by taking the time to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, to celebrate the gifts of family life and friendship and to give ourselves time and to take seriously the sound Biblical perspective of rest and relaxation.

It comes down in the end to our priorities in life and keeping the of the Lord’s Day is a good beginning.  Sunday has, by now, become no different to any other day and while we would not want to return to the strict authoritarian days when swings in the playparks were chained, what better way than to start our week in worship, to be in God’s presence where as the Psalmist declares he restores our souls and leads us in the ways of righteousness. To worship and to ‘Be still’ in God’s house and so be refreshed and renewed for the rest of the week.

God does not intend us to live in disorder and exhaustion adding to our often stressed filled lives but in harmony and peace – the best way of all!



Rev.David Jones