weekly thought


Thought for the week – from the Rev. David Jones


The finale of ‘Line of Duty’ saw the largest number of viewers of any BBC drama.13million viewers which reflected 50% of the TV viewing audience were glued to their screens anticipating as to who ‘H’ actually was. By the end there was either disappointment, bewilderment or relief that it was all over. One TV critic said if we were waiting for a dramatic end, it was just not there. This left many fans with a sense of ‘anti-climax’ for a series which had them at the of their seats for all of its six seasons.

I never actually watched the series but it was according to the critics TV drama at its best. Earlier dramas such as the sixty’s cliff hanger ‘The Fugitive’ were also hugely popular. Who could forget the wrongly accused Dr Richard Kimble as he took 120 episodes to track down the illusive ‘one armed man’?

‘Who shot JR?’ were the headlines when the hated J R Ewing met his end in the infamous ‘Dallas’. That episode was flown in from the USA in great security adding to the mystery and hype for a series which already had the highest TV ratings of its day. When all is eventually revealed it’s then, of course, a matter of ‘I told you so’ or compete surprise! That’s the art of good authorship from such as Jed Mercurio who wrote ‘Line of Duty’, Agatha Christie, Jeffery Archer, Colin Dexter and others who have mastered this art of good story telling and unexpected endings!

Jesus often told good stories which helped those who heard to an understanding of the nature and character of God. He used them effectively, grasping the attention and imagination of his listeners who followed him to hear more and more. The ‘Prodigal Son’, enlightening and encouraging. The ‘Good Samaritan’ who crossed the divides of religious intolerance to help a man left for dead at the roadside. How the warring factions of the world need to hear that story and to bring an end to religious prejudice and bigotry.

The man who built his house on sand -we know that ended badly while the man who built his house on a rock was to see his home protected from the storm. No mysteries here, no ‘twist’ in the story –just the simple truth of divine love and compassion so that your story and mine may have a happy ending in the love and grace of God.


Rev.David Jones