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Thought for the week – from the Rev. David Jones


Who will ever forget that day in October 1972 when the Stradey Park scoreboard declared to the world the Scarlet’s win over the ‘All Blacks’?As we approach the 50th anniversary of that momentous win I read again Alun Gibbard’s excellent book‘ Who beat the all blacks?A brilliant reminder of that day, easily readable, with Delme Thomas held high on the cover and the iconic Stradey Score board declaring that win to the world.

I was preaching at ‘Y Priordy’ chapel, Carmarthen in their Harvest service last Sunday and what a joy to see Delme in the congregation and to chat with him following the service. A gentleman both on and off the field, Delme like the late Phil Bennet and indeed the whole of that team remain very much part of world rugby history.

The Stradey score board high at the town end would, within minutes of a score give us the state of the game. Willing volunteers would place the numbers – always to a cheer when the Scarlets scored and sighs of regret when the home team were being outnumbered. On that October day rugby history was made when the Strade score board gave us that now iconic ‘photo. ‘Llanelli 9 Seland Newydd 3!

Keeping score is important in all aspects of sport. There is, however, a negative aspect to ‘keeping scores’ How often do grudges or old hurts cloud our lives? So much so that we can become embittered and single minded in our determination to even contemplate forgiving those who have wronged us. The Bible, however, encourages us to be ‘at peace’ with everyone as much as we can. Making peace can be difficult especially when we try and are perhaps are met with indifference and even rejection – but at least we would have tried.

the Apostle Paul speaks of love ‘keeping no score of wrongs, but delighting in the truth’ We can do that by just lifting the ‘phone and speaking to someone with whom we have become estranged, even a smile can begin that process of new beginnings and give someone the hope that bridges can be crossed. The Bible teaches the way by reminding us that God’s forgiveness and lasting peace is there for us all when we forgive others as we have been so freely forgiven.That is, indeed, amazing grace -pick up the phone!


Rev.David Jones