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Thought for the week – from the Rev.David Jones



According to the political analysts ‘tactical’ voting is likely to be on a scale never seen before and with thirteen percent of us not yet decidedwho knows, there may be some surprises yet. One thing’s for sure whoever is handed the keys No 10, Brexit or no Brexit there are clear divisions in our society which may well take years to overcome.

I wonder if back in 2016 with Nigel Farages’ UKIP on his heels the then Prime Minister David Cameron ever envisaged that just over three years later there would be a general election where Brexit would be the main issue. Parliament, as we know has been unable to come to a consensus and who would have thought that MP’s, some the grandees of their parties would cross the floor and openly support their political opponents.

There’s no doubt that this election is the culmination of thispolitical turmoil and may not, after all, bring those complexities to a close.Whatever the outcome of the election therewill be disappointment and disillusionment in the losing camp as sincere and strongly held views will have been rejected.

Winston Churchill once said that democracy is far from perfect but it’s the best system we have and that’s true.Relying entirely on the willingness of the minority giving in to the majority and that’s not going to be easy this time around. Perhaps that’s why we need more than ever to submit to the Biblical principle of loving our neighbour and of going the extra mile in securing the best we canfor each other whateverthe outcome may be.

This election is right in the middle of the season of Advent which leads us to the Christmas message of hope, peace and light. God’s way of settling old disputes and reconciling all of human kind to himself. That first Christmas night the angles sang ‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace and goodwill to all on whom his favour rests’Seems to me that we’re going to need a whole lot of goodwill following this election. It’s not impossible and absolutely essential – ‘Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me’



Rev.David Jones