MP3 recordings (* pre-lockdown)


Recordings of Readings and Sermons:

The Sunday Bible readings and sermons are regularly made available to listen to again by way of MP3 files, plus copies on CD distributed to those locally who are unable to attend the services and might not access to listen to them online.

The MP3 recordings are made via radio mic, and although there might be some background noise on occasions we hope this will not detract from the message being given..

Please click on a link below to listen to the recording in a media player, or right-click and choose `save target / link as` to download and save to your PC or device.

Thank you.:



During this concerning period of the Corona virus Greenfield Chapel, like Churches right across the UK, has had to close it`s doors and suspend meeting together for the duration of the crisis.

Greenfield will continue be streaming a weekly message from the Rev.David Jones via the public area of Greenfield`s facebook page, and your are more than welcome to watch these via our Streamed Services page.

Thank you.





15 March 2020 (pm) – Rev.David Jones (Psalm 91)

15 March 2020 (am) – Rev.David Jones (Psalm 46)

8 March 2020 (pm) – Rev.David Jones (Psalm 27 v. 13 – 14)

8 March 2020 (am) – Rev.David Jones (Matthew ch.3: v 13 – 17;  Romans ch.8: v. 28 following)

1 March 2020 (pm) – Rev.David Jones (2 Chronicles ch.7: v. 11 – 22)

1 March 2020 (am) – Rev.David Jones (Matthew ch.5: v. 13 following)

23 February 2020 (pm) – Rev.David Jones (Psalm 33 : v.1 – 22)

23 February (am) – Rev.David Jones – (John ch.6: v 41 – 68)

2 February 2020 (pm) – Rev.David Jones (Psalm 22 v 1 – 5; Matthew ch.27   v 45 onwards) 

2 February 2020 (am) – Rev.David Jones  – (Jonah ch.4: 1 – 7)




(previous files are regularly archived)