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9.30pm ‘Thought’ on YOUTUBE & FACEBOOK
10.30am Morning worship in the chapel.
7.15pm Bible Study and prayer meeting
Second in a new series of the letter to the Hebrews led by
Dr. Doreen Hartland.

2.30pm. ‘Open Door’ (all welcome)
6.30pm Soup Station

6.30pm Choir

6pm Youth Club

9.30am Morning Worship on YOUTUBE & FACEBOOK
Led by Rev Carys Awen Jones.
11 am Morning Worship with Junior church
6pm Evening Worship at Bethel, Seaside
Services led by Rev David Jones.

ADULT and YOUTH meetings week commencing 13th November:
Sunday 13th November – Teen Sunday Study Social at 2:30pm-3:30pm
at Lisa and Tom’s house
Sunday 13th November – Teen Youth Club at 6pm-7:15pm at Bethel Chapel Vestry
Monday 14th November – JOY Gathering –
Teen Worship Service at 6pm at Bethel Chapel Vestry
Saturday 19th November – Adults Garden Study at 1pm at Lisa and Tom’s House
Saturday 19th November – Saturday Social (afternoon lunch) at 3pm at The Sandpiper.


Sue Woods is at Prince Philip.
Happy 30th birthday to Greg Francis.



We look forward to a Baptismal Service in the new year. There’s a warm welcome to anyone from our congregation who would like to learn more of baptism and church memberhip to speak with David at any time. To friends who worship with us regularly – it has been a joy to welcome you in recent months. All who have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ is welcome.



Will be held in Greenfield on Saturday 7th January. All deacons and leaders of the departments need to attend. This will be led by our association safeguarding officers and we will also welcome leaders from other local churches.



‘Festival of light’ at Greenfield Monday 14th November, 2022. Free tickets still available from Darryl



We hold our quarterly evening service at Bethel next Sunday 20th November at 6pm. It was in November 1962 that fourteen young people were baptised at Bethel our Minister among them. Hopefully we will be joined by some of them, sadly three have died. We are grateful to Bethel for allowing us use of the vestry for Lisa’s youth work and we regularly welcome friends from Bethel to our Sunday evening services. There will be coffee following the service in the vestry.



Invitation cards to our services over the Advent and Christmas season will be available on 20th November. Please pass them on to family and friends.



Our Toy Service is held every year on the first Sunday of Advent. An opportunity to support Llanelli Salvation Army Toy appeal. Please note that only NEW toys are now acceptable. Toys can be brought and given to the deacon at the door or left on pews behind the screen. Thanks. All the children will receive a ‘real’ Advent Calendar with the Christmas story.



Ikram who is 6 from Luhimba – a remote and poverty-stricken village in the south west of Tanzania in East Africa. Ikram was deaf from birth until he had an implant funded by the Luhimba Project which is a UK non-profit organisation. He is now able to hear and is leaning to speak albeit with some difficulty. He has also been able to start school. The Luhimba project pays 100,000 Tanzanian schilling (around £30) per month for replacement batteries for Ikran’s implant. The good news is that Ikram’s consultant has indicated there there will be a new type of implant available in Tanzanite within the next two months and the batteries for this will be rechargeable.

The Luhimba project proposes to pay for Ikram to have this new type of implant so that the money paid out each month for batteries cane be redirected to help others who need medical treatment in the village. A big ‘Thank You’ to our Tuesday morning congregation who have made offerings the last two weeks and raised £300 for this project.

The offering last Tuesday was for ‘Crisis at Christmas’ Every year we provided a ‘Greenfield table’ in one of the major cities for 28 Christmas lunches and other help for the homeless.
Last Tuesday evening we began a five-week series on the Epistle to the Hebrews. Dr Doreen Hartland has prepared and presented the Bible study and for this we are grateful.



Again, this year an opportunity to send greetings through the Christmas greetings in the church Newsletter on Sunday 18th December. Greetings forms available in the Newsletter and the Vestibule table on Sunday 27th November. For a minimum donation of £3 your greetings will be included in the newsletter with all the money raised going to ‘Open Door’ and Barnabus Fund supporting Christian suffering persecution.


Some dates for your diary:

Monday 14th November
Ty Bryngwyn’ Festival of light 6.30pm in the chapel



Sunday 27th November
11am Annual Toy Service led by David and Lisa and the children and young people.
7pm Advent Service led by the men of the church.

Sunday 4th December
11am Morning Worship 6pm Evening Communion Service
Thursday 8th December
7pm Annual Remembrance and Bereavement Service

Sunday 11th December
11am ‘What Christmas means to me’
6pm Choir presentation
‘Christmas is a birthday’

Tuesday 13th December
7pm Carols around the Christmas tree with the Llanelli Salvation Army Band followed by mince pies, hot and cold drinks.

Wednesday 14th December
7pm at Bethel ‘Christmas is a birthday’ and ‘Christmas carols’ by the Greenfield choir

Sunday 18th December
11am Christmas Celebration. 6pm Children’s Nativity
Followed by mince pies and coffee.

CHRISTMAS EVE 24th December
5pm ‘Carols by Candlelight’ followed by mince pies and coffee.

10 am Christmas morning Communion. 5pm Worship for the close of Christmas day

11am Service of worship at the beginning of the New Year.
6pm Evening Communion Service.


Rev.David Jones