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LATEST NEWS – 18th JULY 2021:



10.30am Thought and Prayer on YOUTUBE & FACEBOOK.

163RD Church Anniversary.

8.30am ‘Phone Conference Call Prayer meeting.
03330 110 397. 78038779# –
Pin: 58249#

Next Sunday 1st August, 2021

8.30am ‘Phone Conference Call Prayer meeting.
03330 110 397. 78038779# –
Pin: 58249#

10am YOUTUBE Communion Please have bread/wine to hand
In the chapel
11am Morning Worship
6pm Evening Worship with
Services led by Rev David Jones


John Soale has been re-admitted to Ward 6 at Prince Philip Hospital.
Cynthia Sanderson has been discharged from hospital and is now home.
Janice Thomas is now home from hospital.
Elaine Cowley has had surgery at Morriston Hospital this last week.
Our sympathy prayers are with Mrs Marian Thomas, Jasmine and Sean in the loss of Terry a much-loved husband and father. Terry’s funeral service will be held the Llanelli Crematorium, on Monday 2nd August at 10am.



Last Sunday it was a real joy for us as a church to witness the baptism of Evan Jenkins. Evan gave his testimony in the service and with his permission we share it in the Newsletter today.

Thank you all for being here today, and a huge thank you to family and friends of mine who have travelled to be here today.
I did not grow up in a traditional Christian home. The typical Christian values were there; however, I never had any Biblical knowledge or faith during my youth at all. My father passed away when I was 12, I suppose one would think this kind of traumatic life event would spark spiritual seeking, but not for me.
Now, let’s fast forward to 2019 –
I lived the typical university student life – and in doing so, now retrospectively being somewhat embarrassed by the things I used to do. My walk with Christ started shortly after the first pandemic. I journeyed home from university as I often would on weekends, unbeknown to me, this journey home would be my last for the next year.

The pandemic has been a curse for many people without a doubt, but I know that God can use any situation for His glory. In this way, Christ introduced himself to me when no other distraction was around, just me and my thoughts. It’s true what they say that God meets you at a low point.
Since beginning my walk-in faith, I have spiritually grown every day in the Lord. Again, the process of sanctification is an arduous one, fraught with mystery and oftentimes, pain. But He knows all my ways and His plans aim to prosper me and not to harm me.
This decision to be baptised was initially a rushed one. David can testify to the bombardment of emails I used to send him about this. I am thankful that the Lord has postponed this celebration of faith until now, at time in my life where I understand the depth and meaning of water baptism. His timing is always perfect.
So, without further ado, Father, let this baptism, witnessed by family and friends be a testament of my faith in the one who saved my life, The Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks, Evan for sharing with us this wonderful testimony of faith and we wish you God’s richest blessing as you continue to grow in faith and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

AUGUST 2021:

The month of August is upon us and usually most of the church midweek meetings take a break. Our Tuesday telephone Bible study will not be held during August and will re-commence in September when we will meet in the chapel. We will also be ensuring that those who don’t feel they are able to attend will still able to join with us on the ‘phone.
There will still be the opportunity to share in a short time of prayer on Tuesday evenings at 7pm on ‘Conference Call’ during the month of August. These times of prayer will be led by those who are part of the Bible study group.



Sunday 1st August 11am & 6pm (Communion) Rev David Jones
Sunday 8th August 11am (with infant dedication)
6pm Rev David Jones
Sunday 15th August 11am Mr Steve Tucker. 6pm Rev David Jones.
Sunday 22 August11am (Communion) & 6pm Rev David Jones
Sunday 29th August 11amd & 6pm Services led by Lisa Isaac
8pm ‘Conference Call’ Epilogue service every Sunday.
7pm on Tuesdays ‘Conference Call’ time of prayer.


We normally held a prayer breakfast on the Saturday of the Church Anniversary weekend
This year we will meet for prayer over the ‘phone – please join with us.

SATURDAY 31ST JULY 2021 8.30am
0330 110 397. 78038779# – 58249#

Set the alarm!!



Rev.David Jones