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LATEST NEWS -17th October 2021:


7pm Church member’s meeting
in the chapel
10.30am Thought & Prayer on
6.30pm ‘Soup Station’
7.30pm Deacons Meeting



Rev David Jones
11am Morning Worship
Rev Andrew Davies BD
6pm Evening Worship
Rev David Jones
8pm ‘Conference Call’ Service



The first opportunity we have had to hold a church member’s meeting since the pandemic began. All church members are asked to make every effort to attend. The meeting will be held chapel and the agenda is available on the vestibule notice board. We come together in mutual love and respect of one another and to discern the mind of Christ. Most important of all is the constant awareness that the church does not belong to its earthly members but belongs to Christ, to whom all authority in heaven and earth has been given.



This week we continue with study of the sixth chapter ‘Daniel in the lion’s den’All are welcome to join with us. The access numbers are on the front page of the Newsletter. We begin at 7pm and conclude with prayer before 8pm. Just phone the number – no one is obliged to take part – just come along and listen if you so wish.



• Thanks to Darry; Benjamin and Mike Wooller for removing the roots of the tree recently removed from the church lawn. They also did extensive cleaning of the toilet roof and other accessible parts the chapel building and the ally between the chapel and LlysCaeglas
• From the Barnabus Fund.
Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus.

Thank you very much for the cheque of £500.00 representing a gift from Greenfield Baptist Church to the Barnabas Fund. We greatly appreciate this most generous gift to help Christians who are suffering for their faith. We are so glad that you share our concern for these needy brothers and sisters. Gifts made through the Barnabus Fund make a real difference to people who often have nobody else to help them. Please pray for Christians in Afghanistan, facing very grave danger now that the Taliban has taken over the whole country. Ask that the Lord will protect them and keep them safe, for as converts from Islam they would probably be killed if they were discovered. Pray for the Lord’s guidance for Barnabus Fund as we help them to escape and bring them to places of safety and security.
Thank you for your support for the Barnabus Fund.

Yours sincerely in His service
Rosemary Sookhdeo – Director

• Thanks to Mr Martin Bell who is at the organ this evening. We are grateful to Martin.



The ‘Hallelujah – ‘Light’’ Party will be held on Zoom at 5pm to 6pm on Sunday 31st October 2021 on ZOOM. Games, quizzes and fun!
Rehearsal for the Children’s Nativity will begin on 7th November downstairs in Junior Church at 11am-12 noon and every Sunday until Christmas.



DVD recordings of our YOUTUBE & FACEBOOK Services for JULY, August and September were west out last week. If anyone would like to receive a DVD or CD of our services or for any family or friend, please let Darryl or David know CD recordings will be sent out this week.



Big ‘THANK YOU’ to our volunteers this week. We are still operating a ‘door service’ but we are increasing our support by providing food parcels, toiletries as well as soup and rolls confectionary and crisps. Through the generosity of so many in the church and the community we are able to be of help and support to our guests. The colder nights are coming – we area also able to provided sleeping bags and warm clothing.

We welcomed 26 guests this week – We are coming to know our ‘regulars’ and there’s always someone new. As Minister of Greenfield I am so moved by the kindness and compassion which our volunteers, who often go that extra mile show to our guests. – Thanks to you all.



Our church welcomes and invites all who have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ to seriously and prayerfully consider church membership. This year we have had to joy of welcoming five friends by baptism and two by transfer. We thank God for their continued faithfulness and witness. David would be glad to share with you, and to seek to answer any questions. Please have a word with him at the close of any service or by ‘phone or



October 2021.

Sunday 17th October
11am Morning Worship with Communion, 6pm Evening Worship
Rev David Jones.

Sunday 24th October
11am Morning Worship Rev Andrew Davies Mumbles
6pm Evening Worship Rev David Jones.

Sunday 31st October
11am Morning Worship 6pm Evening Worship. Rev David Jones.



Rev.David Jones