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LATEST NEWS – 15th MAY 2022:



9.30am ‘Thought on ‘YOUTUBE’ & FACEBOOK
10.30am Morning Worship in the chapel
7.15pm Bible study and prayer.


6.30pm – 7.30pm ‘Soup Station’


6.30pm Choir rehearsal


9.30am Morning Worship on YOUTUBE & FACEBOOK
11am Morning Worship – Baptismal Service
6pm Evening Worship led by Rev David Jones.
8pm Conference Call ‘Epilogue’ Service.


Sue Woods continues to be at Prince Philip hospital.
Tydfil Enstone is at Prince Philip.
Margaret Davies continues to be at Prince Philip Hospital.
We remember these dear friends in our prayers. We remember all who are unwell in hospital or at home.


New doors were fitted in the chapel last week. Quite a task as the doors we are almost sure were the original doors which were fitted in 1858. Thanks to Jean and the team of cleaners who came on Friday to clean the chapel. The mortar dust had descended in all parts of the chapel and we are grateful to the ‘team’ who willingly spent much of Friday morning dusting and cleaning the chapel.


It was good to get together again after two years of not meeting. We welcomed Mel Davies who at 91 and after a time of ill health was with us and it was a joy to meet together again. The lockdown meant that we were not able to present the Easter musical we were rehearsing for Easter 2020 and hopefully we will be able to present that musical ‘Behold the Man’ next Easter. We began rehearsing a Harvest Gospel musical on Thursday and hopefully, we will be able to lead the Harvest evening service on 25th September with ‘Wonder of Wonders’.

New choristers are always welcome. If you enjoy singing why not come along. We meet in the schoolroom on Thursday evenings at 6.30pm. Please have word with David or Gloria.


Sunday morning Junior Church- Junior Church is a wonderful opportunity for children of all ages to learn more about God through the stories and lessons in the bible. Do you know any children that could benefit from learning more about Jesus on a Sunday morning or would you be able to be a helper or a teacher for the children? If so, we would love to hear from you; please speak to Sarah Ellum or Stephen Thomas for more information.

Friday Junior Youth club- We are looking to recommence the Friday Junior Youth Club for the first time since covid lock-down. So far, we have 3 volunteers but we really need more to be able to run the club. If you have children or grandchildren that would like to come along to the Club or if you are able and willing to help supervising in the Club then please would you let Sarah Ellum or Stephen Thomas know.



A new course from Christianity Explored for those who may be seeking to learn more about the Christian faith and for those who wish to increase their knowledge and deepen their faith. This three-week course begins on Tuesday 7th June.

Hope Explored looks at the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in Luke’s Gospel, this three-session series shows that Christianity is about real hope: a joyful expectation for the future, based on true events in the past, which changes everything about our present.
Hope Explored is an informal three-week course. It’s for everyone who wants to find hope, peace and purpose in life. You won’t be asked to pray. YOU can ask any questions or just sit and listen. Coffee and fellowship to follow the meeting.

Welcome – Join us for Bible Study this Tuesday for the final of a short series on the ‘basics’ of our faith. Invitation cards will be in the Newsletter next Sunday.


Hi – Spree Wales is on this year.
In Carmarthen show ground. 8-10th July. Hoping to take a group of 8–15-year-olds. We are looking for leaders (if you have younger children they can come too). There are lots of opportunities to serve as well. If you are 16-25 you might like to be on the service crew. If you are interested (or know someone else who might be) message me. Or just to ask for more information. (Contact Sarah Ellum).



MAY 2022

Sunday 22nd May, 2022
11am Baptismal Service
6pm Evening Worship – Rev David Jones

Sunday 29th May
11am Morning Worship
6pm Evening Worship followed by coffee and cake.
Rev David Jones.



Rev.David Jones