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Just for you!


Here are some websites, online videos, games and apps that you may enjoy.

If you know of any others please get in touch we’d love to hear about them.


1. GUARDIANS OF ANCORA ( – digital game
Developed by Scripture Union

Enter the wonderful world of Ancora and play your way through exciting Bible Quests. With new updates every few months, the stories of the Bible are really brought to life in new and exciting ways.


2. THE STORY OF EASTER in Welsh & English
( > get involved >easter resources)

3 video stories, colouring & activity sheets





3. ADVENTURES IN ODYSSEY ( online radio show.

A small town somewhere in America has kept my family enthralled for years; it has taught us all Bible stories and helped us make good decisions (parents as well as children) for years.

Very entertaining and enjoyable. A new story each week but old ones are available throughout the week and can be listened to anytime of the day or week for free online.
There is a club but no need to join, unless like us you want to have more!


4. VEGGIE TALES online videos through their own youtube channel. 

They also have a Netflix series.


There are some activity sheets on their website (but this is largely a store).
There are one or two games around but mostly these are nothing to do with the stories.



Online, interactive games, activities and quizzes covering many parts of the Bible.






Search for Story Keepers videos to watch on youtube.

The background is the early church. A baker named Ben and his wife Helena become a refuge for some lost children.

During their adventures you recount the stories of Jesus.




online games &activities and video adventure episodes

Set in the 23rd century AD, a boy named Chris, who always has problems, travels with his friends Joy and Gizmo who travel with Superbook to the Biblical times



8. Focus@home(

Something for all ages – Ribbit and Otter B for younger ones, moving up to McGee & Me and The Imagination Station for juniors with Last Chance Detectives giving a bit more Adventure.

Parents advice: The feature films are for older ones and could be good to watch together.



INSPIRE – Spend 3 ½ minutes watching an inspiring video with a fun challenge and encouragement for each day

MAKE & PRAY – these short (also 3 ½ minutes) videos give fun crafts to make with a meaningful chat to go with them.