recordings – 8 December 2019

The Greenfield website has been updated with the MP3 recordings from Sunday 8 December 2019.

The “PM” recording includes three testimonies on “What Christmas means to me”.

Please us the Resources menu to go to the latest available MP3s.

Thank you.

recording – 1 December 2019

An MP3 recording of the evening reading and sermon from 1st December 2019 has been uploaded to the MP3 page.

Please use the Resources menu above to access the MP3s that are currently available.

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(Please note that the MP3s are archived after a few weeks)

MP3 recordings

The MP3 recordings from Sunday 8 September 2019 have been uploaded t the website today. These include the Sunday evening visit from Mr.Gareth Davies.

Please use the Resources section of the menu above to go to the MP3 updates.

Thank you.