About Greenfield


About Greenfield Baptist Church, Llanelli:


Greenfield is a Christian Baptist Church situated in the town of Llanelli in South Wales. The chapel is ideally located in the centre of the main town, but also close to a wide residential community. We are within easy access from the M4 motorway for holidaymakers visiting the area.

Greenfield Baptist Church opened its doors for the first service of worship on 1 August 1858. There had been a need for some time for an English speaking Baptist Church in what was a very Welsh speaking town and community.

By the mid 1850’s Llanelli was developing both industrially and as a thriving port town. There had been for many years an influx of English speaking families, mainly from the West counties of England seeking employment in the busy steel, iron and shipping industries of the town.

Greenfield Baptist Church sanctuary

Two Welsh speaking churches Seion (formed in 1822) and Bethel (formed in 1841) rose to the challenge of forming this new church. 20 members, 12 from Seion and 8 from Bethel were released and from a very small membership the church prospered and reached a pinnacle of 600 + members in the 1930’s.

Greenfield Baptist Church is as active now as it has always been, with services and group activities for all ages! The Church takes a very active role with various outreach projects, by supporting the community in various ways, including social need, and also supporting charities and Christian projects worldwide.

We hope you will feel a warmth of welcome when attending our services!