this week`s updates

The Greenfield website has been updated with the latest News from the Chapel, along with the MP3 recordings of the readings from Sunday 21st October 2018.

There is also a new Thought for the Week from the Rev.David Jones.

Please use the navigation menu above to locate the updates.

Thank you.

MP3 updates

The MP3 recordings of the readings and sermons from Sunday 14 October 2018 have been added to the website.

To listen to the recordings, please choose the MP3 option from the Resources section above.

Older recordings have been archived.

Thank you.

Route 66 – Week 16

The Greenfield website has been updated this afternoon to include the latest Route 66 notes , Week 16 – The Eternal Kingdom comes.

We are grateful to Dr.Doreen Hartland for providing this notes, which are accessible via the Resources section above.

(Please respect copyright)

soup kitchen donations

Thank you to all those who have kindly donated supplies and clothing for the benefit of our guests attending our midweek soup kitchen.

As always we are very grateful for your generosity, as all received forms part of what we are able to offer those in need.

Many thanks