soup kitchen

Thank you to all those who have been so generous in supporting the Soup kitchen project at Greenfield.

The project was introduced in the Spring of this year, has been been helping those in need with a place and time to have a hot meal and some support.  It is open from 6.30pm to 8.30pm each Wednesday (strict time limits follow agreed policy), and during that time volunteers at Greenfield are available to chat to guests if they want to.

Please direct any offers of support, whether financial, non-perishable food or clothing, to the Rev.David Jones.

Thank you

domain name

We`re pleased to confirm that our previous domain name,, will continue to be used in the future. This is important for continuity of Greenfield`s “online identity” , plus the things you might see from the church such as banners, invitation cards and the like.

We hope that the site will continue to be a great source of outreach for many people, so every effort was made to secure the domain for those people who have already previously `bookmarked` our site .

More news soon


new website

design update:

Here we are, Wed 29th August 2018, day five of putting the new site together and it`s beginning to take shape.

The intended closing of our hosting company brought forward the decision to give the site a fresh look, and an opportunity to move onto a wordpress design having moved hosting companies.

At the time of this post the site is well on it`s way in terms of layout and provisional content, but photography still to be carried out (for slider, etc). An update on that will follow.