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Welcome to the children and Young People's page!

We meet in the downstairs hall during the Sunday morning service and there is a warm welcome to any new or visiting children who would like to join us.

We have four groups:

- The babies toddlers and infants (0 to 6 years) are led by Sarah, Gloria and Louise, and use the Scripture union "Light live" programme.

- The juniors (7 to 10 years) are led by Maggie and Sue

- The younger teens (11 to 14 years) are led by Steven

The older teens (14+ years) are led by Mike and often use the site 4YM.COM for discussion based sessions.

The two older groups go straight to their respective meetings after leaving the morning service.
The two younger groups meet together for approximately 15 minutes for a time of singing and sharing together in prayer before starting their classes.

Annual regular events

Book presentation:
Every February or March the children take part in a specially themed service to which every child is given a book to help and encourage them to learn more about Jesus and the Christian faith.

Spree Wales is outdoor camp held over the first weekend of July which goes ahead regardless of the weather! The venue is the Llanelli millennium fields, and we meet up with young people from all over Wales for a fun packed couple of days, but which has the aim of teaching and challenging them to get closer to Jesus.

Hallelujah party:
An early evening party between 6 PM and 7:30 PM held every 31st of October as an alternative to Halloween. Fancy dress is fine but nothing Halloween based please.

Nativity service:
Rehearsals starting early to mid November on weeknights, and the children present the Nativity during the last Sunday evening service before Christmas.

Other Events:

from time to time we tap into the considerable talents of our children and young people with drama sketches on many different topics. Be it Easter, Christmas, Harvest, presentation Sunday, etc they never fail to teach is something special.


Guest speakers:
We will on occasions be inviting a Christian adult to join us on Sunday morning Junior church and Sunday school. Will ask them to share their faith with the children and explain how this influences their lives.

Youth club:
Each Friday evening between 6 PM and 7:15 PM during term time we hold a junior youth club for children ages 5 to 11 years. This is led by Sarah and her team and offers a range of activities from art and craft, face painting, cookery, games and competitions. Again an open invitation is given to any new children to come along.

From time to time it will be a competition on this website-keep checking for details!
We will also publicise this in the Greenfield Sunday newsletters.



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