Brian Davies and Tony Thomas are receiving treatment at Prince Philip Hospital. Our thoughts and prayers are with these dear friends and all unwell at the moment.

Happy Birthday to Simon Blackler who celebrated his 60th birthday this week


• Mrs Elizabeth Williams is now home from hospital and would like to thank everyone from the church for their prayers and kind getwell messages which are deeply appreciated. - Thanks.

To the leaders of the Junior church and Friday youth club for arranging tliis morning's service.

To Philip Hooper and Terry Pike who arranged the outing to the Royal Mint at Llantrisant. It was a lovely day of fellowship and friendship



To Tenby on Saturday 16th June. Adults and children from outside the church the charge is £6. The children of the church go free of charge. Names to Auntie Carol as soon as possible.



• On Tuesday morning we welcomed fourteen toddlers along with their mums and leaders from the St Pau]'s Family Centre. It was a joy to welcome these children and we had a lovely time in the service and Later downstairs with squash and biscuits. The centre has thanked us for our welcome and we have invited them again on the first Tuesday of December for a special Christmas service.

• We welcomed new friends to the Bible study in the evening. There are now nearly forty in attendance every week as Doreen leads us through the books of the Bible. Following her talk, we meet in groups for discussion and this given everyone the opportunity of sharing and growing together in the knowledge of God's Word. It's not too late to join the course. Tuesdays at 7.30pm



We welcome many friends to our Sunday and Tuesday services who by their faithfulness are very much part of our church family here at Greenfield. We would warmly invite any who feel led to learn more about what it means to be a church member then please do not hesitate to have a word with David or any of the deacons at any time. As a church we seek to be a warm and welcoming Community of God's people. -WELCOME!



Greenfield's `Soup Station' opens on Wednesday at 6.30pm.

This is very much a venture of faith and we pray that thought opening our doors to those in the community who are in need that we will be effective in our Ministry to these dear friends.
Thanks for the amazing support both in financial gifts and the large number of volunteers from within and outside the church who have offered to help.



Rev.David Jones